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Alpena Hardboard      416 Ford Avenue, Alpena, Michigan 49707: (989) 356-8564

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Alpena Hardboard Facility

click for larger image    DPI-Alpena Hardboard is located in downtown Alpena, Michigan, on the banks of Lake Huron's Thunder Bay and the Thunder Bay River. The doors first opened as Abitibi in 1957. The plant currently has 185 employees and has continuously been an important part of the local community and economy. Since the opening of the facility in 1957 it has gone through a few changes. In 1967 the mill became an Abitibi-Price facility. Then in 1993 ABTco purchased the facility and sold it to Louisiana-Pacific Corporation in 1999. The most recent name change was in 2004 when the facility was purchased by Decorative Panels International and is now known as Alpena Hardboard.

     Through the years products and raw materials have changed as well. The facility has always used a majority of aspen, hardwood (including ash, maple, and beech), and birch. At times oak has also been used. Softwoods like spruce, fir, and cedar have never been the major contributors to the facility and are not generally purchased. Our products have also changed and progressed through the years. In the past the plant made insulation board (used for home insulation), exterior siding, ceiling tiles, and other softboard. Today we make a variety of hardboard products including wall paneling, pegboard, and marker board.

     Despite the name changes, the Forest Management Program has changed little since inception. Originally started in 1956, before the mill was officially opened by Abitibi, our landowner program has assisted private landowners on more than 1/2 million acres of forestland in Northern Michigan. We are proud to continue this tradition of assisting landowners to improve the timber and wildlife productivity of their forestland.


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